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Apple OSX (Leopard) Firewall DHCP problems


I get the classic ”self-assigned IP address” (egentilldelad ip-adress) after reboot. This started occuring after I reset the SMU and has happened once before when my battery went, really, really, really dead. That time I got my computer running again, but it may have been Tiger back then…

You should be able finding the ”deny configd” message in the log of your firewall. I do unfortunately not anymore get the annoying ”allow configd to accept incoming connections” message at startup… 

At home I use an Airport Extreme base station. At work I connect to the office WLAN and get the same message in my firewall log, but I get a correct IP-address.

1. Searching Apple’s support pages for ”deny configd” is interesting and I guess it won’t hurt resetting your firewall by throwing away (in the /Library/Preferences/ folder). (You will not find it using Spotlight as many of the systems libraries are excluded. Sigh…) This did not do it for me though.

2. The next suggestion is to add configd explicitly to the firewall rules. This can neither be done as easily os one would hope as Apple will not allow you to navigate to the path of configd. Sigh… So to do this, create a (soft) link to /usr/sbin/ on your desktop and drag that link to the ”myplaces” in you finder window (file browser). Now you will be able to navigate to /usr/sbin/configd from the firewall settings.

3. The last hint is what actually got me up and running the last time. Apparently there are some kerberos magic involved in getting the IP-adress from the server. Following what is outlined here will help you reset the local KDC certificate (whatever that is…). This thread might also be a good read for further reading on the issue.

However, it is now messed up again, and I will post more here as soon as that is resolved.

4. This time I got quite upset and reset the kerberos-stuff (as outlined above) once more and also deleted (i.e. changed name on) the and (both located in /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration). The problem re-occured after an overnight sleep.

5. Ran the 10.5.5 combo update. Looking good sofar…

I also noticed this blogpost that is a little more brief 🙂

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  1. Lucian permalink
    2010-02-03 10:46

    In case anyone else finds it useful, you can navigate to ‘forbidden by apple for your own safety’ paths by using CMD+Shift+G.

    Thanks for the tip.


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