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MP3 and iPod in your old Renault


Especially with a CD-player that is not to fond of cold weather, playing podcasts and my favourite albums in the car without burning them to a CD would be nice. I’ve spent way too many hours looking for a solution that is cost efficient. Had I billed for those hours instead… 🙂 I didn’t really find any good info in my first Google sessions so hopefully this post will aid those in need.

This won’t work for all factory Renault stereos, but it will for some. I’ve got an old Megane with the ”Update List” main unit. There is the fancy way, which is required if you want the stalk adapter to control the iPod.

But there is a simple alternative that will give you an aux input (3.5 mm stereo jack plug) in which you can connect any smartphone, iPod or whatever. The schematics are available on the internet, but bying the parts can be costly and/hard to find. Luckily in this day and age, you can find exactly what you want with some luck.

I got my cable for €16 from this site. From order to delivery in a little more than a week without any problems. Thank you! But they’re also on e-bay (search for MP3 lead for renault update list radio)

Then remove the main unit (using four precision screwdrivers or whatever in the holes) and plug the connector in. You don’t even have to disconnect the unit. Make sure the AUX input is enabled in the expert settings.

I drilled two holes in the ”pocket” below the unit. One large in which I could pull the cable and one small. A zip-tie through the two holes fix the cable to avoid pulling directly on the connector. The holes are hidden so it looks great and my aux input is now easily accessible.

Svenskt nyckelord: bilstereo

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